Art Displays

Have you ever heard of a fake cake? We prefer to call them “Art Displays” since that is what they actually are. Art displays are created by artists to show the quality of their work, to give you a size reference, to be used in the event of an emergency (accidents happen) and can be used as elaborate centerpiece for your wedding. The idea is to profit from work that is already done. We have several cakes that are on display that can be rented to you and start at $800.

An art display cake is ideal for a very large wedding with an elaborate dessert showcase. In this situation, wedding cake is not needed but a grand cake display is expected. All of our art display cakes are elaborate, large and can be interchanged. The selection changes often.

If you want to save money, renting an art display cake may be the right choice for you since creating an elaborate cake for 700 guests can get very expensive.

Most brides are not interested in renting something already made and want us to make her a display cake just for her and then bake sheet cakes as well. This is not going to save money at all. In fact, we are doing twice the amount of work.

If you choose to rent one of our art display cakes we will return to take it down. Either right after dinner BEFORE the kitchen cakes are served or at the end of the evening.

Important note…art display cakes do NOT have a secret spot stuffed with real cake for you to cut into. This is against health department regulations and we will not do it. A separate side cake will be provided for you to cut.

A word about “sheet cakes in the back”. Our wedding cake tiers are an average of 5” high. Sheet cakes are 2” -3” high. If your guests see you cut into your 5” high wedding cake with delicious strawberry mousse filling but they get served a 2” square of marble they will not be very happy. We make “kitchen” cakes which are wedding cake tiers that are not decorated that will match the main wedding cake.