cake16When do I need to pay for my cake?
A $50 deposit is required for all wedding cake orders. A $25 deposit for orders exceeding $150. Full payment is due 30 days in advance for wedding cakes or orders exceeding $150. Cash only payments for pick ups.

How much is delivery?
Delivery is $50 for wedding cakes in the surrounding areas of Sterling Heights, $75 for Delivery to Detroit, $100 delivery to Dearborn. Smaller cakes that do not require set up have a $20 delivery fee. Ask about availability and rates for other areas. The delivery fee is a guarantee that the cake you ordered will be delivered without damage. It will be the correct cake, delivered to the correct place.

What if I need to cancel my order?
If you must cancel your deposit is forfeited. There are no refunds on cancelled orders.

Can I make an appointment for tasting?
Appointments are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 9am and 9pm. Availability for weekend appointments is very limited, especially during wedding season. Please limit your guests to no more than 2 or 3 as there is limited room. Also, please leave small children at home. You deserve undivided attention as we discuss your unique art creation.

Since we custom design all of our cakes we strongly recommend making your cake appointment AFTER you have met with your florist and design company. The more information you have about the décor of your reception the better we can design a cake to fit the theme.

cake15How much of a notice is required?
Please give us as much notice as possible. It is never too early to book a date. Most of our cakes have extensive sugar work that must be done in advance (sugar flowers can take up to a week or even two to make). We dedicate ourselves to quality and will not rush through anyone’s order. We are not a production bakery.

How many servings do I need?
If you are serving your cake as your main dessert, we strongly recommend you order a cake to serve the number of guests invited. Serving numbers are based on a average 1” x 2” x 5” slice. You could embarrass yourself if you end up with no dessert for one or more tables. If you have a dessert table or if the cake is going to be cut and wrapped up to take home, you have a little bit more freedom in determining servings. Some people take no cake and others take more than one piece.

Why are cakes so expensive?
You are not paying for just the raw materials that go into creating a cake, you are paying an artist to create a work of art. Cakes can cost between $3 to $25 per serving depending on the sugar artist/baker you choose. A painting is just canvas and oil but people have paid millions for them.

Do you make fake cakes?
Yes, but the price is the same as a real cake. If you have heard about renting fake cakes in order to save money there was probably a very important detail left out…the cakes must be a display already made. See the Art Displays link for more information.

cake17How long does it take to make a wedding cake?
There is so much involved in making a wedding or large cake that it is very hard to keep track. We tried our best though and came up with 62.75 hours for a 9 tier rolled fondant cake with hand made sugar flowers on it. The time was divided up in several sections that included meeting time, shopping, planning, making the flowers, baking, decorating, delivering and finally the clean up.

What is gum paste?
Gum paste is a sugar paste that is made with eggs, sugar and gum tylose. Sugar artists use this medium to create stunning, lifelike flowers, bows and other decorations. Don’t get confused though, gum paste decorations dry hard and taste like chalk. They do not resemble chewing gum at all.

What is rolled fondant?
Rolled fondant is made from sugar, corn syrup and gelatin. It is used to cover a cake instead of butter cream frosting. It gives the cake a smooth, “dipped” look. The edges of a fondant cake are rounder and smoother than a butter cream cake. Fondant is priced higher than butter cream because it takes much longer to work with and the medium is more expensive. Sugar artists are able to create stunning fabric and lace effects that cannot be done with butter cream.

Fresh flowers or sugar?
Because I am a sugar artist, I encourage my brides to accent their cakes with gum paste flowers instead of fresh. Gum paste flowers are hand made and painted. They are always available and will not wilt on your cake. They contain absolutely no pesticides, thorns or bugs and are never poisonous. Gum paste flowers cost about the same as fresh.

Do you make diabetic, gluten free and nut free cakes?
No. We use pure sugar, flour and nuts in our bakery, so we cannot control cross contamination.